Crack Seal / Mastic Combo Trailers

C1 On-Demand Combination Machine
C1 On-Demand Combination Machine

The C1 Mastic Machine is a specialty piece of equipment that’s a combination crack seal and mastic patch machine, designed to heat 24,000-lb of mastic material in an 8-hour shift.

• Lowest load height and largest loading door in class
• Stress free boom with center pivot
• Weather proof simple seal controller
• Performance sealant tank design
• Standard heated wand or optional aluminum wand
• Up to 24,000 lbs. of patching material per 8-hour shift
• Side discharge chute for ease of center line repairs
• Pivoting and heated trough for ease of placement
• Use locally sourced aggregate in patent pending mixing system
• Onboard tool heater with standard box screed and iron

150 Gallon Crack Sealer / Mastic Patcher Specification

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