Cold Applied Crack and Joint Sealant

Crack-Stix® 125ft. MEDIUM 1/2″ Black Permanent Asphalt Crack Filler is the only PERMANENT, patented solution to blacktop or concrete cracks on the marketplace. It is the same product seen on highways and roads but the only difference is YOU CAN APPLY IT and don’t need a 200 gallon melter to do it!

Crack-Stix® are furnished as a black or gray (NEW!) solid “rope” in 1/2″ or 1/4″ thickness (Gray offered only in 1/2″ currently). It is an elastomeric, self-leveling sealant, which liquefies quickly and can be used in both asphalt and concrete pavements. When properly applied, it combines tenacious adhesive power with extraordinary resiliency to protect against the infiltration of moisture or incompressibles through repeated thermal cycles of expansion and contraction.

Crack-Stix® exhibit superior low temperature ductility, weather resistance, low oxidation breakdown and is non-tracking. It is the only sealant available which is designed to be inserted into the crack or joint cavity first and then melted with direct heat process. The modifier system contained in Latex·ite® Crack-Stix® allows the material to withstand direct heat without experiencing degradation.

  • No VOC’s
  • Prevent slip, trip and fall accidents
  • Ready to use immediately, melt-away wrapper!
  • Save time and purchase either our CSX-900 Cane Torch extender our really speed up application with our NEW walk behind CSX-1000 PRO MELT TORCH!
  • TIP: If you are not using our recommended torch and are using just a handheld torch it can be difficult to keep the torch upright (or it may flame out)…so you may want to find BURNER WAND which will keep the flame running!
  • For deep cracks or joints, before you begin fill the crack using backer rod, sand or stone dust but leave enough room for product.

Item #

1/2 ” X 125′ ( 2 Gallon )

Gator-Aid – ALT-652
Gator-Aid is a blend of an asphaltic emulsion, mineral fibers, glass fiber, ground rubber, and plasticizers designed especially for alligatored areas. It is also used for filling cracks in excess of ½” in width on any asphaltic surfaces. It is ready to use on roadways, parking lots, airports, athletic courts, driveways, traffic safety islands, playgrounds, and walkways.

1GATORADE – 5 Gallon Pail of Gator-Aid

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Flex Crac – ALT-651

Flex Crac – ALT-651
A rubberized asphalt emulsion with greater flexibility designed for sealing narrow pavement cracks up to 1” in width, in asphalt and concrete surfaces. It has excellent flow properties and no pin holing. It is ready to use on roadways, parking lots, airports, athletic courts, driveways, traffic safety islands, playgrounds, and walkways.

1FLEX CRAC – G – 1 gallon jug of Flex-Crac

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Super Flex®

A highly rubberized asphalt emulsion modified with selected plasticizer to achieve greater flexibility. Designed for sealing pavement cracks or joints up to 1″ in width, in asphalt and concrete surfaces. Super Flex® is the only cold-applied, asphalt-based, one-part fuel resistant sealant that also meets the performance characteristics of ASTM D3405 and D6690. It is ready to use on roadways, highways, streets, parking lots, airports, athletic courts, driveways, traffic safety islands, playgrounds and walkways.


Available in 5 gallon pails.

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Glenzoil 20 Plus
Glenzoil 20 Plus is a unique, biodegradable, non-toxic liquid that prevents tracking and picking of freshly applied hot-melt sealants. It forms a temporary protective barrier that allows traffic immediate access to the repaired pavement, yet it does not affect the sealant or asphalt. Glenzoil 20 Plus requires only one person to apply, saving labor costs, and eliminates the mess and costs associated with conventional blotting materials.

Available in 5 gallon pails, and 55 gal. drums.


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