Bridge & Joint System

SA Bridge Joint System


SA Bridge Bond blend of modified asphaltic binders, select aggregates and other modifiers pre-measured and combined to create an all in one meltable package of asphaltic joint material.

  • Durable – Highly resistant to water intrusion and a wide range of salts, bases and organic materials.
  • Accurate – Factory blended materials ensure consistent results and eliminates field mix errors joint after joint.
  • Economical – Joints can be completed with a small crew and minimal equipment. No compaction is required.
  • Minimum traffic interruption– Installation can be done with single lane work zone. Completed joint is ready for traffic as soon as it’s cooled.


SA Bridge Bond is intended for use, in either exposed concrete or asphalt overlaid decks, as a replacement for existing small movement expansion devices or as a first installation small movement joint.

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